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We provide gardeners, landscaping and garden clearance services in Streatham, Streatham Hill SW2 and Streatham Common SW16.

Are you longing to be able to entertain guests, family and friends al fresco style, but don't have the time nor the inclination to transform your garden space into a beautifully manicured one? Streatham Gardeners are widely known for providing expert gardening services such as wooden fencing and installation of trellises, garden design, paving, patio laying, turf laying, building wooden decks, planting and all aspects of hard and soft landscaping.

Additionally, we provide garden clearing and tidying services which include waste disposal and grass trimming and you can hire us by the hour, for a whole day or only half a day, depending on your requirements and size of your space.

Let our experts wave their magic wand and transform your old and tired looking outdoor space into a patch of land that's bursting with colors and teeming with life. Curl up on a comfy settee with a good book and a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade on your new wooden deck, host a barbecue party with your friends and family or simply enjoy an afternoon tea with your loved ones under the trellises - your garden space if full of potential and you only have to call us to make it happen.

We also provide garden clearance, one off gardening and garden tidying services..

Landscaping and Gardening Services

  • Turf laying - Bring back life to your lawn by laying new turf for an instant garden-make over.
  • Landscaping - Our in-house garden designer has a terrific eye for detail. Just let us know how you want your garden to look and feel - Zen, perennial, Japanese, Cottage, natural, flower, etc.
  • Outdoor space design - Let our creative team of experts breathe life into your outdoor space.
  • Outdoor lighting - We install outdoor and garden lightin
  • Wooden decks - Turn your outdoor space into an extended living space by having a wooden deck built.
  • Paving and patio laying- For additional points of interest in your garden, we also lay patio and paving.
  • Building garden walls, fences and trellises - Give your garden a whimsical look with our masterfully crafted trellis designs.
  • Natural stone laying - For a natural look, we can install or lay natural stone that would look like they've been there forever.
  • Installing wrought iron railings
  • Creating rockeries - A rockery is a rock garden or a garden that is constructed with rocks.
  • Designing water features such as ponds, mini-water falls
  • Installing outside taps - We can install outdoor taps whether you need additional taps or a new one.
  • Gravel and stone - We have a collection of decorative gravel and stone that can easily transform your garden, path, driveway or pond into an interesting patch of space.
  • Garden clearance and garden tidying - You can hire by the hour, for a half a day or whole day. Our clearing services include grass trimming and disposal of wastes.
  • Reshaping and building flowerbeds - Revive your flowerbeds and have us reshape or build new ones.
  • Planting hedges, flowers and shrubs - Looking like new plants could do your garden wonders? Commission our help to plant hedges, flowers and shrubs to breathe life into your garden space.
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We provide free landscape gardening quotations. Fully specified.


Our gardeners, garden landscapers and garden designers have over 20 years experience in all aspects of garden design, garden landscaping, garden clearance and garden tidying..

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