Gardening prices and rates Streatham SW16

In line with the current economic conditions, we have reduced our labour prices by a massive 20%. We are therefore extremely competitive for a company of our size and reputation. Please note: all prices exclude VAT.

Service Pricing Cost Sale
Fencing per person per day 250 200
Decking per person per day 250 200
Landscaper per person per day 250 200
Garden Clearance per person per day 340 280
Garden Clearance per person / half day 180 150
Design on application N/A N/A
Waste Removal Green waste (per tonne) 75 N/A
Waste Removal General Waste (tonne) 125 N/A

About our pricing model

At Streatham Gardeners we use a clear and transparent pricing model.

We are a large professional organisation, with over 100 staff and offices based in Central London.

We provide quality work. As such, we cannot and do not compete with small one man bands. If you are looking for a cheap garden makeover and your criteria for purchase is only price we are not the company you are looking for.

All our work is guaranteed by us and we use only high quality materials to ensure the longevity of your garden build. As a result our materials pricing maybe higher than other companies. We do not charge extra for delivery or a mark-up on materials however.

While we can't tell you how long the job will take until we've visited you at your property, we can provide a model for pricing that we will honour.

This ensures, unlike other gardening companies, that we will not give disparate pricing, depending on how much we think you will pay. Everyone pays the same rate.

What to look for when selecting a landscape gardening company

If you are looking for your landscaping project to be of high quality, safe, efficient and cost effective, then you might want to take these points into account when selecting your gardening company.

  • Does the company have examples of their work?
  • Do they have a professional looking website?
  • Is the company looking to be paid in cash?
  • Is the company VAT registered? If not why?
  • Remember: A company only needs to turnover 60,000 to be legally required to register for VAT
  • If they are not VAT registered they are either inexperienced or they are operating illegally
  • Will the company provide a fully specified, broken down quotation?
  • Will the company provide a contract and levels of service they will commit to?
  • Do they have a landline telephone number that they can be contacted on or just a mobile number?
  • Does anyone answer the telephone?

While there are many good landscaping companies around London, there are also some disreputable ones. It is prudent to ask these questions before commiting or handing over any money.

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